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Judgmental Training Software

Judgmental Training Software (JTS) is the latest advancement in firearms training technology, providing effective judgmental training through the use of inter-active HD video scenarios. The JTS includes numerous state-of-the-art features that will soon become the standard in video based firearms training simulations. During training the Shoot Better Academy operator can choose manual operation, or an exclusive hands-free branch operation of the scenario, thus enabling more agency instructor/student interaction. JTS provides over 100 interactive HD video scenarios in the following categories:

Active Shooter
Foreign Language
Off Duty
Officer Down
Traffic Stop range1

Real-World Training That Comes to You!

The use of force/firearm simulator we use is laptop computer-based, which means it is portable and comes to you!
Our system can be set up in most training rooms and will work in areas as small as 15′ x 15’.
No need to pay for vehicle fuel or overtime for officers traveling to training.
real world

Skill Drills

Training drills focus on the improvement of a student’s speed, accuracy, and decision making skills.
Each drill allows an instructor to tailor every training session to individual skill levels, from beginner to expert, using adjustable settings such as number of targets, target face time, and target speed.

skill drills 2

Course of Fire

Create virtually any firing course (e.g, FDLE)
Distance from three to fifty meters
Up to four targets in a single lane.
Targets can be timed for turning and duration.
Lighting conditions can be set by stage.
After Action Review
Results can be saved
course of fire

Training Firearms

Glock 17
S&W M&P (w/ Recoil)
AR-15 M4
Laser Insert for use with most D/A Pistols

all guns

Serve the community, train your officers and save money… all at the same time!

Serve the community, train your officers and save money… all at the same time!
Since the training is conducted at your department, your officers can be available to serve your community AND train during their normal shift. If a call comes in, your officer is available… not miles away outside the city at an offsite training facility. In-house/on duty training capabilities mean a potential decrease in over-time hours as well as operating expenses.
The marksmanship component of the training simulator allows your officers to practice basic and advanced marksmanship skills. You will save on ammunition costs as the range is virtual and no live rounds are used. Not only do you have reduced ammunition expenses but the associated liability with firing live rounds is also reduced. With the current economic situation, being able to ‘fire’ hundreds of rounds for ‘free’ is a plus.
Training budgets are commonly the first areas to be squeezed when budget cuts come. But you don’t have to sacrifice high quality training that uses leading edge technology, just because your training budget is tight! Shoot Better Academy can provide your agency the use of our firearm simulation system for a fraction of the cost to buy one, while saving you dollars in your training budget. Our operator will setup and run the simulator at your location. Your firearm instructor(s) can focus on observing, critiquing and training your officers on tactics, communication, positioning, cover, etc.